Miami Florida – (OTC Markets) – October 1, 2020 – Rainforest Resources Inc. (“RRIF”), as announced in the press release dated July 7, 2020, has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) for the further acquisition of approximately 9,190 hectare of rainforest and highlands property in SAN VICENTE DE CAMBUGAN, Ecuador. The Company is informing that it is in the last stages of finalizing the acquisition of these lands and turning it into a new protection area with high biodiversity of endemic flora and fauna.

The Company is currently awaiting the verification of titles to the property within the next days. The Company will disclose the details of the Sales and Purchase Agreement in detail on the Company website as well as OTC Markets.

The property in SAN VICENTE DE CAMBUGAN, Ecuador has a Semi Wet Equatorial Mesothermal Climate with four to five climatic floors, located in the hotspot of Tropical Andean with various waterfalls, high biodiversity of endemic flora and fauna and around 45,000 plants species as well as around 3,400 vertebrates.

SAN VICENTE DE CAMBUGAN is one of the hotspots in Ecuador where many endangered species live. The Spectacled Bear, for example and a very unique species of bird, like the Black-breasted Zamarrito or Puffleg call this property their home. The Black-breasted Puffleg is a species of hummingbird native to Ecuador. It is critically endangered, with less than 300 individuals remaining in the wild. The developing situation is extremely worrying. Due to climate change and deforestation it is one of the most threatened species in the world, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Rainforest Resources takes another step in its mission to keeping these important ecosystems intact and saving these endangered animals from extinction.

For further information contact: info@rainforestresourcesinc.com

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