The area where the forest is located is a natural sanctuary
for biodiversity is the NATIONAL SANGAY

Common Name: Olinguito
Scientific Name: Bassaricyon neblina

Common Name: Rata Albuja
Scientific Name: Rhipidomys Albujae

Common Name: Spectacle Bear
Scientific Name: Tremarctos Ornatus

Common Name: Mountain tapir (animal in danger of extinction)
Scientific Name: Tapirus pinchaque

Common Name: Mono Chorongo
Scientific Name: (Lagotrix poeppigii)

Common Name: Tigrillo
Scientific name: Leopardus pardalis

Photo: Pete Oxford and Reneé Bish, magazine n ° Terra Incognita

Common Name: Jaguar
Scientific Name: Panthera onca


In the park converge three areas of Endemism of birds, 30 species are
restricted distribution and 12 of them have been registered in the

Common Name: Coppery Jacamara
Scientific Name: Galbula pastazae

Source: Bird and Conservation / NBII Image Gallery

Common Name: Cachetidorado parakeet
Scientific Name: Leptosittaca branickii

Common Name: Andean toucan pechigris
Scientific Name: Andigena laminirostris

Common Name: red hood or capuchirroran piranga
Scientific Name: Piranga rubriceps

Common Name: Tanager Montana Barbinegra
Scientific Name: Anisognathus notabilis


The richness and importance of the flora of the Park exceeds 3000 plant species including
586 endemic species and about 45% of these are orchids, which are distributed in a wide altitudinal
range ranging from 1000 to 4000 m s. n. m., covering about half
of the existing plant formations in the

Common Name: Pumamaqui
Scientific Name: Oreopanax sp.

Common Name: Arrayan
Scientific Name: Myrcianthes sp.


Common Name: Achupalla
Scientific Name: Put a sp.