Tropical rain forests are home to an almost infinite variety of plants and animals.
These forests, at the same time, provide mankind with wood and many other valuable raw
In addition, - above all reforestated - tropical rain forests act as the "lungs" for our
planet, and the influence that they exert on our climate as well as their
relevance to ecology and efficient cultivation is
The tropical rain forest is the home to the native Indian population.
The ruinous exploitation of these forests, as it still goes on in Brazil, for example,
virtually means genocide for these
The only lasting and effective solution for these people is a forestry utilization program that ensures
the preservation of the rain forests. The boycott against tropical wood, claimed by certain
organizations, has proven to be the fastest method of ensuring the destruction of "tropical rain forests".
Landowners are forced to burn down the forests to replace them with farms, grazing lands
and plantations that can supply them with marketable products they need to


Huamboya means Huambu: floating and Ya: house in the old Shuar language, "The house that floats" is inhabited
by "SHUAR" communities such as the Namakim and Chiguaza, which are part of the
Sangay National Park located specifically to the South-East of the
Huamboya presents a Humid Tropical Megathermal climate, with annual precipitations that oscillate between the 2500 to 4000 mm and temperatures between 10 to 20° c. This forest is covered by native forest without human intervention, where millenary trees and endemic species of the Amazon, terrestrial, aquatic and aerial, are found.
The forest has some 586 endemic plant species of which 45% are orchids. This forest hold a rich diversity of animal life such as 343 species of birds, 100 species of mammals and more than 500 species of vertebrates. This is why Rain Forest Resources INC is so interested in conserving this ecosystem.